MITA RELEASES NATIONAL STANDARD FOR MEDICAL DEVICE SECURITY - The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) announced the publication of NEMA/MITA HN 1-2019, Manufacturer Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security, also known as MDS2.  This voluntary Standard supports security risk management within healthcare delivery organizations by providing standardized information on security control features integrated within medical devices.

New Guides ReleasedAAMI has released two new guides of interest to the HTM and IT communities. The first is Acquisition Guide for Clinical Technology Equipment, a 44-page publication that outlines a clear, practical, and scalable process for healthcare organizations to procure and install devices and technology. It’s designed to help organizations make optimum decisions that will serve them well throughout the life cycle of equipment. The second is the Healthcare Technology Management Manual, a publication that offers a comprehensive look at how to run a successful HTM department, including guidance on accreditation, standards, personnel, and services. It includes Joint Commission elements of performance, along with sample policy and procedure documents.

Article Focuses on Changing CE-HTM Roles - An article in the May/June 2019 issue of AAMI’s BI&T (“CE-HTM Professional Roles in Healthcare Delivery: Is it Time for a Reset?) describes the support challenges associated with today’s and future generations of healthcare technology, the need for an appropriate proportion and number of support professionals, and the evolving nature of expertise these professionals must represent. Finally, the article recommends steps that various industry