About HTA

Our Vision: Advance improvements to quality, safety and effectiveness of medical technology use in all patient care environments including addressing issues:

  • resulting from the rapid evolution and integration of disparate medical and information technology devices and systems;
  • affecting secure and reliable communications and data connections between devices and systems (including network and EMRs);
  • associated the types of support paradigms (e.g., organization, resources) necessary to ensure realization of quality, safe, and effective technology use.

Our Mission: Provide a conducive environment for collaboration among  clinical engineering (CE)/healthcare technology management (HTM), healthcare information technology (HIT), and healthcare informatics professionals, who are dedicated to the promotion of healthcare quality, safety, efficacy, and efficienty through better uses of technology.

Our Members:The HTA is open to clinical engineering, healthcare technology management, and information technology professionals as well as medican device and information technology developers/manufacturers, integrators, clinicians, informaticists, consultants, regulators and anyone interested in the broad field of medical and information technology convergence and collaboration.

HTA is dedicated to facilitating:

  • the effective convergence and integration of medical and information technologies in a manner that positively impacts patient safety and the efficient delivery of healthcare in all care environments.
  • productive exchange of ideas and the identification of challenges and solutions common to the use and support of medical and information technologies in all care delivery settings. 

HTA Strategic Goals and Initiatives

Collaborate to:

  • Develop best practices, guidance documents and educational sessions focused on medical and information technology service management including the selection, acquisition, deployment, support and lifecycle management of hybrid medical and information technology devices and systems.
  • Boost the availability and visibility of HTA resources to those dealing with acquisition, planning, management, optimization, integration, utilization, monitoring, cybersecurity, safety, and compliance.
  • Create a mechanism for developing and sharing resources (e.g., educational, reference, guidance, regulatory, etc.) for the HTA. 
  • Advocate for the interests of the HTA community by working with key stakeholders to recommend new standards, advise government agencies, inform on relevant projects, and support the development of educational programs, and professional certifications.
  • Provide useful and relevant ACCE, AAMI, and HIMSS sourced information and resources for HTA participants.
  • Identify professional training, education, and certification resources to support HTA participants and all relevant stakeholders.

HTA Executive Team

Steve Campbell
Acting President & CEO, AAMI

Priyanka Upendra, MS, CHTM, AAMIF
President, ACCE
Senior Director, Customer Success, Asimily


Christel Anderson, MA
Vice President, Office of the CTIO, HIMSS